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Brand combining
Brand combining

Qinglian Tongchuang invites you
Sharing market dividends
Seventeen years of brand history


Located in Shenzhen, the factory covers an area of over 10000 square meters
Integrate high-quality resources of one's own enterprise
Continuously increasing efficiency and empowering traditional industries, truly immersing industry in the depth of the industry
Creating products with more market value for application

Parts supply
Parts supply

Qinglian Tongchuang is based on 17 years of rich development and design experience
Provide professional and innovative design solutions for customers
A one-stop and comprehensive solution to the service content of the entire industry chain from product design to implementation

Export agent
Export agent

Qinglian Tongchuang has a professional product laboratory (recognized by multiple host manufacturers)
Advanced testing equipment and experimental equipment can conduct comprehensive testing and testing of intelligent electric tailgate products
Ensuring product quality, automated production lines not only improve the production efficiency of intelligent electric tailgates
Can provide customers with high-quality products, saving more time and costs
We cherish your every commission and make customers feel more at ease.

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