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QLTC is your one-stop solution provider for power tailgate & pedal, guiding you through the entire purchasing process from the beginning to install on original vehicle and use.

1st, Conduct a full range of competitive analysis, share industry insights, and guide user needs follow hot sales vehicle & new model. Visit key persons with our local partner to get a deep understanding of what they require (The brand, model of car, year and quantity.).
2nd, The pre-sales technical team prepares a professional proposal, provide a professional demonstration, catalog and manual of our solutions for the end-user.
3rd, Confirm the technical requirement and commercial terms of the purchasing order/project.
4th, Sign the contract, arrange for the manufacture, and the shipping.
5th, Complete the installation, and offer onsite training.
6th, Investigate user demands at regular customer visits, upgrade the product & system, enhance the market presence.
7th, Quality File Establishment:

Customer complaints and appropriate resolution is tracked in real time, and customer feedback is reviewed, with vital responses kept and addressed to gradually increase customer satisfaction.
Recorded results are reviewed on a weekly basis and reviewed by our team, highlighting major pain points and achievements.  The collected information from complaints and resolutions, along with satisfaction rates, are compiled into a Product Quality File to track the repair rate of each product per month. This helps us maintain the standards we uphold, as well as develop new and improved processes.
To aid our continuous improvement in both products and service, we conduct 6 monthly customer satisfaction analysis based on client feedback. Not limiting ourselves with manufacturing power tailgate & pedal, we also work on gathering other tailgate release products helpful data to improve product smart capabilities.






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