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R&D Center


Global automotive electronics tailgate release products Supplier, our Focus on Research and Development and our tailgate release products are among the most sought after in the automotive industry.

In the past ten years, we have continued to innovate around power tailgate system and automotive electronics solution processing, integrating technologies such as Universal Automatic Tailgate Lift; Electric car door for passenger, driver, rear door solutions for smart tailgate release products and information technology software. We have established the standardized R&D and testing procedures, covering tailgate release products, high reliability of our product, smart analysis, durability service life protection, and other aspects of testing experiments, providing professional solutions for the development of the most cutting edge power tailgate & pedal. At present, the enterprise has more than 100 technical patents.

Our company invests huge R & D expenses every year and establishes cooperative relations with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes to ensure that the company's products are in a leading position in technology in the industry. Our R&D center has more than 50 R & D personnel, accounting for at least 15% of the company’s total employee headcount, accounting for 8% above graduate students and 50% above undergraduate students, we also has a number of doctoral students and overseas talents, our R & D backbone has more than 10 years of R & D experience related to automotive electronics, our experienced R&D engineers has mastered the core of power tailgate technology, showing expertise in both front-end and back-end marketplace products.

Core Technologies/OEM strength: OEM power tailgate for BYD, Great Wall, FAW Group - Besturn, SNC, Subaru, etc.







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